Frequently Asked Questions

We've covered our most common questions but if there's something we've missed, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Contact Us


We sure do! You can find it in our website footer or click here Size Guide

Finding your dog’s neck measurement is easy. If they currently wear a well-fitted collar, you can measure that one by laying it flat and using a ruler or tape measure. Alternatively, take a piece of string and gently wrap it around your dog’s neck where the collar would sit, then lay it flat and measure the length.

Always make sure you can fit two fingers comfortably between your dog's neck and the collar, so it's not too tight. 

No problem! Our collars are adjustable, making them perfect for growing puppies. Some breeds grow very quickly, so make sure you allow for extra room when choosing your collar size. We want you to get the most out of your purchase! If you're unsure, please Contact Us we’re here to help. 

Our best seller is the Regular 150cm long lead which is a great all-rounder, but it really comes down to personal preference and how your dog walks on the lead. It helps to note that if you're a tall person with a tiny dog, you might be more comfortable with our Long 180cm lead, whereas a shorter person with a larger dog might feel more comfortable using the Short 120cm lead.

We make everything in-house, so if you’re after a custom length, please Contact Us


Yes! We are committed to creating truly sustainable pet wear and being completely transparent with our materials.

You can find all the details on Our Materials page.

Yes! Hemp is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and breaths. It's a healthy choice for all dogs, especially those with skin conditions or allergies. Making the switch to hemp is extremely beneficial for dogs who have hair loss, redness or itching around the neck and willl prevent it happening to any dog. Learn More

We offer three different hemp webbing choices to suit all doggy lifestyles. The main difference between each is the weave and the finish. Please refer to our Hemp Webbing Guide for more details.

We use high quality NICKLE FREE zinc alloy hardware for all products, it's a hypoallergenic, lightweight and recyclable metal. You also have the option to upgrade to our 316 Marine Grade Stainless or Solid Brass hardware for some products. Learn More


Yes, they certainly can! The alloy hardware is high quality but requires a quick rinse and air dry after being in contact with salt water or mud to ensure a longer lifespan. Our 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel and Solid Brass hardware options don't need much care, but we still recommend giving them a rinse now and then to keep any internal springs in good order. Learn More  

You will be pleasantly surprised! Hemp fibre is naturally stain-resistant, and it doesn't take a lot to rinse the dirt out. So yes, your collar or lead will get dirty because dogs love mud and rolling in things, BUT you can simply rinse out your hemp threads with plain water or add some mild soap, and they will be good as new. 

We always recommend checking over your pet's accessories regularly. If you see any damage to the webbing or clips, please stop using them for safety reasons. Our webbing won't immediately snap, but the hemp will slowly unravel, which is unsafe for use.

Our Tie Up bandanas are designed to be tied loosely around your dog's neck, whereas our Collar Fed bandanas are designed to feed any collar up to 25mm thick through the bandana. For dogs that don't particularly like anything around their neck, we recommend the collar fed as it's less noticeable for the dog when wearing.

It can feel unnatural for many dogs to wear things on their neck or body. Like all non-essential accessories, if your dog doesn't like wearing them, please don't force them.  


It's super important to be able to wash your dog’s accessories and bedding for hygiene reasons. Everything we make can be hand or machine washed with natural, gentle detergents.

Washing details can be found on each product page and on the care labels.

Don't be fooled by the light colour. Hemp fibre is naturally stain-resistant and releases dirt easily. You can rinse your hemp threads with cold water and add some gentle, natural soap (no softener), then leave it to dry in the sun OR if your pet wear is heavily soiled, you can machine wash it with a gentle detergent. We highly recommend using our washing bag or wrapping it in a towel to avoid damage to the metal hardware or your machine.

Please note that standard detergents contain harmful chemicals that will compromise the natural hemp or linen fibre, so it's very important to use only gentle, natural soaps.

You can choose to hand wash or machine wash all of our linen products. Use a cool delicate wash setting on your machine, a mild natural detergent, and NO softener as this affects the fibres, reducing their absorbency and moisture-wicking properties. They can be air-dried in the shade OR machine dried on a cool setting. Remove it from the dryer before it's completely dry to avoid heavy wrinkles. A quick press with a hot iron will have it looking good as new.


This is a great question! Sustainability is super important in every aspect of our lives if we want future generations to thrive.

A definition of the word sustainability is ‘the ability to continue or be continued for a long time.' It applies to the environment, social equality and the economy. 

If we're always taking resources from the earth but not giving back or leaving harmful traces, then we don’t have a sustainable planet that can keep providing life. The same applies if we are paying under $10 for an outfit that has travelled halfway across the world, someone, somewhere, is not getting paid enough to continue surviving. If we farm fibres or vegetables using pesticides or herbicides, we leave the soil unhealthy, and over time, it becomes too damaged to grow anymore. 

The future of our planet, the people and the animals are in our hands. None of us is perfect, but many small sustainable choices can make a world of difference.

Yes, and we are so happy you asked! It's extremely important to do your own research when looking for truly sustainable products or businesses. You need to weed through the 'green washing' and marketing bull to ensure what you're buying is actually eco-friendly and sustainable. 

We are proudly sustainable from start to finish! This includes our materials, process, packaging and end of life recycling program. Our products are purposefully made from natural and sustainable materials that end up returning to the earth. Our hardware can easily be melted down to create something new, and we're 100% focused on taking only what we need, always putting back more. Learn More - Bohemi Materials

We use only eco-friendly, recycled, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable packaging.

We give back 5% of all sales to the people, the animals and the earth. Learn More - Bohemi Giving Back

We also offer our Bohemi Worn Out Wears program to help you recycle or compost your end of life pet wear so together we can feel good about the purchase. Learn More - Bohemi Worn Out Wears

Yes! All of our packaging is 100% plastic free, recycled, recyclable, biodegradable, compostable and totally earth-friendly. Each order is minimally packaged in a reusable biodegradable mailer and shipped with our carbon neutral shipping providers.

Anything printed (e.g., swing tags, sleeves, notes) is done using sustainable recycled paper/card stock and printed using low-impact eco dyes. Even the sticky stuff is safe. All our labels and tape are compostable, so you don't need to remove them. Learn More

We have a detailed guide helping you recycle or compost your worn-out pet wear, OR you can send it back to us to take care of. Learn More

We certainly do! You can post your worn-out Bohemi accessories back to us and we will recycle or compost the components accordingly. This is a free service but we do ask that you pay for the postage. In return we will send you a $10 gift voucher to spend in our store for being so awesome! For more details check out our Bohemi Recycling Program