Bohemi Worn-Out Wears

We carefully design our products to be long-lasting and durable, but all good things eventually come to an end. Dogs get up to mischief, and puppies grow! This doesn't mean your once loved pet accessories need to end up in landfill.   

All of our products are designed for circularity, so we're here to help you recycle or compost your end of life Bohemi wears. Together, we can keep pet wear out of landfill and feel good about the purchase from start to finish.

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We use natural textiles that are biodegradable and recyclable + our metal hardware can be melted down and reused over again.

First things first. Can your wears be mended, donated or upcycled? We offer a repair service if you need help bringing your Bohemi threads back to life. If they're in good working order, please consider gifting to family/friends or donating to your local animal rescue organisation; they are always in desperate need of accessories. If your wears are too far gone, read on!


1. Simply return your pre-loved or outgrown Bohemi items back to us. You only need to cover the shipping cost, and we will take care of the rest. Plus, we will send you a $10 voucher to spend in our store to thank you for being so awesome!  

OPTIONAL - If your metal parts are in good working order, we offer a discount if you want to use them in a replacement item!

Contact us to arrange your return.


1. First, we separate any metal hardware from the webbing or fabric and remove our label.

2. We then sort the hardware by metal type; once we have a box full, we take it to our local scrap metal recycling facility, where they work their magic and give these metals a new life.

3. Next, we sort out the fabric and webbing. Our carefully selected textiles and thread are biodegradable and coloured using eco-safe dyes that won’t harm the soil. We compost the textile scraps ourselves, limiting further carbon footprint and feeding our worms! 


1. Carefully remove the metal hardware (you will need some very sharp scissors to get through our webbing)

2. Get in touch with your local council or search Planet Ark for fabric and metal recycling options near you. Upparel is an excellent Australian company that reuse, repurpose and recycle unwanted fabrics saving them from landfill; they even arrange collection from your doorstep.

A handy tip is to collect the same type of materials until you have a small box full, so the trip is worthwhile. This is also a great way to encourage conscious household waste habits.   

3. If you would like to compost the webbing or fabric yourself, carefully cut off our tag (this part will need to be placed into the regular bin due to a very thin piece of cotton/poly backing). Cut the rest of the webbing or fabric into small pieces (so it can break down quicker) and scatter them evenly on your compost. These fibres will generally break down within 1-6 months, depending on the environment of your compost. 

Finally, pat yourself on the back! Your sustainable pet accessories have left no trace.

If you're a composting newbie, check out this great guide. to help get you started!   


On a personal level, we enjoy living a minimal lifestyle, leaving little to no trace where possible. This doesn't stop with our business! If anything, it drives a moral obligation to do even better. 

We're committed to providing genuinely sustainable pet accessories focusing on circularity and helping you during the disposal process. Together, we can feel good about the purchase from start to finish. 

Recycling scrap metal contributes to a significant saving in greenhouse gas emissions. Making items from recycled aluminium uses just 5% of the energy as making the same item from raw materials! 

The fast fashion industry is having a devastating effect on our environment. Can you believe that over 80 billion articles of clothing are bought globally every year! Sadly only 10% of these garments are donated or reused, leaving 90% in landfill, slowly rotting away and creating toxic gasses. This isn't even taking fabric production or clothing production waste into account. 

With ever-growing landfill heaps, ocean pollution, and overall climate crisis, waste reduction and conscious consumerism are crucial. Mindful purchasing of high-quality, long-life products that are sustainable, ethical and can return to the earth is core to keeping us, the planet and animals healthy and thriving. Together we have the power to restore our earth!