About Us

Gentle on Pets. Gentle on the Earth.

Our range of timeless pet accessories are handcrafted with your dogs health & the environment in mind. We use only the highest quality Hemp, Linen & Certified Organic Cotton for our products, making them eco friendly, non toxic & hypoallergenic. We pride ourselves on being completely sustainable from start to finish & providing truely healthy pet products.  

Our process starts with high quality, ethically sourced natural materials. Our carefully selected textiles are all natural, sustainably grown, hypoallergenic & biodegradable. Where possible we strive to support local Australian suppliers & small businesses, this helps our economy, communities & saves on unnecessary transport pollution. When needed we reach out to like minded international suppliers who match our strict values & ethics.  

We design & handcraft all of our products in our home workshop where our manufacturing process ensures little to no wastage & we get to spend more time with our dog!  

All orders are minimally packaged (we don’t care for unnecessary fluff) but where needed it’s 100% plastic free, recycled, recyclable, reusable, compostable & totally earth friendly. This even includes the sticky stuff, all of our shipping labels & tape are compostable so you don't need to remove them!   

Next we give back. We donate a percentage of each order to animal rescue & environmental organisations that are close to our heart. You can learn more about the organisations we support on our giving back page.  

All good things must come to an end, but it can still be a sustainable one! We've set up an amazing recycling program for our customers. This guarantees your end of life products are disposed of without leaving a trace & together we can feel good about the purchase from start to finish. 

We welcome custom orders!
Not all dogs are the same, they come in many different shapes & sizes with individual needs. We understand a lot of dog owners are looking for a specific item to be made by us, using our hypoallergenic hemp. We strive to provide long lasting products that are exactly what our customers need so we welcome custom orders at no extra cost & do our very best to meet the needs of each & every fur baby.

Proudly Australian Made & Owned!  

Our products are designed & handmade in our home workshop located in NSW, this means what you are buying is a unique, carefully curated pet accessory made with love and a minimal carbon footprint. When you buy local you support Australia, create jobs, cut down on transport pollution &  get to enjoy products made to some of the highest standards in the world. 


Bohemi Handcrafted is made up of just 3 of us. Mandy, the owner, designer, maker, customer service, order packer, tracker, graphic designer, photographer, accountant & the list goes on. Dan, the amazing partner in crime who is a full time concreter but still manages to fit in plenty of time each week working at Bohemi. Dan is the assistant, ideas man, customer service, sales, stall maker, sounding board & we’re working on getting him on the sewing machine soon! Last but not least Marlow, our rescue Kelpie x Greyhound who is living the high life as a model, product tester, quality control officer & all round barrel of laughs. 

If you would like to know more about why we started Bohemi Handcrafted you can read about it here - The Bohemi Story