Australian Working Dog Rescue

We donate a percentage from every sale to this wonderful charity that is very close to our hearts. With our boy Marlow being a rescue working breed, we understand the commitment it takes to care for these high energy dogs & how often they can get overlooked in shelter environments.

When a working breed is confined to a small environment, doesn't have a job & purpose or isn't getting sufficient energy release & enrichment it can lead to very destructive behaviour. In a shelter situation many people can misunderstand this as 'naughty' or 'disobedient' behaviour & they naturally opt for adopting a more 'easy going' breed.

First hand experience has shown us that working breeds in the correct environment with the right stimulation & dedication can be the most intelligent, loyal, eager to please, loving dogs you will ever come across! 

Australian Working Dog Rescue is a not for profit charity who are committed to saving working dog breeds across the whole of Australia from being euthanised in council pounds & shelters, then finding new homes for them. They arrange transport, veterinary & medical care, rehabilitation, foster homes & forever homes, all on a volunteer basis. They are absolute angels! 

How can you help? 

If you would like to know how you can volunteer whether it be transport, dog walking, fundraising, foster caring or even adopting one of these beautiful souls, you can apply through the website or follow their facebook page for the latest updates.

Donations can be made directly through our campaign here