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Green Friday ~ Black Friday's kick up the bum!

Here at Bohemi we believe that as the world grapples with a host of worsening environmental issues, we no longer ‘should’ do better, we need to! 

That’s why we are committed to our sustainability journey and helping Australians buy better. We pride ourselves on being Australia's leading ethical and sustainable pet accessory manufacturer, just a small family business doing big things to heal our pets and the environment.

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We've partnered with Australia’s first online sustainable shopping event, Green Friday, alongside an amazing line up of Aussie brands to encourage consumers to shop mindfully this sale season.

The Green Friday movement aims to tackle Australia’s mass-consumption habits through peak shopping periods such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, where Australians can sometimes make hasty online purchases many of which end up in landfill.

Between the 17th - 28th of November we're offering 10% off storewide while continuing our commitment of donating 5% to the environment, the animals and the people. Explore how we give back here.

During this time we hope to give consumers the opportunity to not only slow down but also to ‘Buy Better’ and make conscious purchases.

Sign up to Green Friday to be the first to know about sustainable and ethical deals throughout the event here.

Enjoy shopping green and purposefully this Christmas!

Mandy x 

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