Our Hemp Webbing

Hemp webbing is made from the long strand fibres of industrial hemp plants. The hemp fibre is tightly woven to form a durable, high tensile strength, flat fabric called webbing.

When choosing your Bohemi pet wear, you will notice we offer three different varieties of hemp webbing - DURABLE, RUSTIC and SUPER SOFT. Below we explain the differences to help you better understand the right fit for you and your dog.

All three options are made from ethically sourced, 100% organic, pure hemp that is naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, strong and sustainable. Our hemp is cultivated on small-scale farms with generations of experience and mills focused on environmental sustainability, environmental protection, fair trade and sustainable livelihoods. Our webbing is grown and finished organically with zero chemicals leaving it pure and natural. Why Hemp?



Our DURABLE Hemp is lightweight, soft and pliable. The ultra tight weave makes it hard wearing and capable of withstanding all kinds of adventure while still providing everyday comfort. The perfect all-rounder, our DURABLE range is an excellent choice for any dog, from the strong and active to the dainty and lounge loving. (This is the best option for teething puppies or dogs that bite at their lead, we do not encourage it, but if it happens, Durable will last longer).

hemp webbing dog collar and lead on a rattan table. Silver buckles, rings and clips and a natural brown square logo reading bohemi
rustic hemp webbing collar and lead set. bohemi brand



Our RUSTIC Hemp has a beautiful, raw, natural look with a smooth finish. 100% organically grown and artisan woven, the earthy texture adds a touch of style while utilising the strength and durability of hemp. Lightweight and flexible, our RUSTIC range is a great choice for dogs and puppies of all shapes and sizes looking for something unique with a touch of vintage boho.



Super Soft.

Our SUPER SOFT Hemp combines the natural strength of hemp with a luxurious, ultra lightweight feel and relaxed weave. It moulds gently around your dog's body for ultimate comfort. If the barely there feeling is something you’re after, then look no further. Our SUPER SOFT range is the perfect choice for the comfort-loving pooch in your life.

(Only available in 25mm wide webbing)    

super soft hemp dog collar and lead set. bohemi brand.


We carefully select our Hemp from ethical farms & suppliers who ensure fair working conditions, fair wages & the highest environmental standards. There are no chemicals used to grow, mill or process our hemp.