Why Hemp?

Nature has provided us with the most awe-inspiring plant imaginable. HEMP! The healing, super plant that keeps on giving & giving.

Here at Bohemi, we are devoted to making our products from hemp for pets & the planet. Here's why! 


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Strong + Durable.

Hemp plants provide us with one of the strongest fibres found in nature, 5x stronger than cotton! The plants grow tall and sturdy thanks to their natural protective properties. Hemp textiles are then made from the bast fibres (the long fibres surrounding the stem that give the tall plant its strength). 

Combine this with the natural antimicrobial properties, and we're left with a durable textile that doesn't tear or rot. Hemp (like Linen) ages like fine wine, getting softer over time but not losing any strength. If cared for properly, it will last you a lifetime! 

The fact that hemp has an extremely high breaking strain and doesn't deteriorate or stretch makes it our chosen material for the safety of your pets.

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Our hemp is organically grown and milled without harmful chemicals, making it hypoallergenic and healing for sufferers of allergies or skin irritation.

Unfortunately, we see too many fur babies suffer with skin irritation, inflammation and hair loss around the neck, usually caused by nylon and polyester collars. Loving pet parents spend hundreds of dollars per year on medicines and ointments without understanding the root of the problem, so it keeps returning.

We choose hemp because it's gentle on our precious pets and believe this is especially important when products are in contact with their skin, like collars and harnesses. While hemp is an important switch for allergy sufferers, it's by far the healthiest choice for any dog.

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Antibacterial + Antifungal.

Hemp is naturally bacteria and fungal fighting and highly resistant to mould and mildew. The plants contain a powerful range of bioactive compounds with impressively high antibacterial activity, destroying microbes and suppressing their ability to grow or reproduce. You can relax knowing that your dog and their hemp accessories will stay fresh and healthy!

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It Breathes.

Hemp is a natural thermoregulator, thanks to the hollow structure of the fibre. This allows for excellent airflow, which keeps our bodies cool in the summer and helps warm us up in winter. Because air can flow freely through the webbing, it helps pets stay comfortable and sweat-free.

Odour Resistant.

Besides being breathable, hemp is also naturally moisture-wicking. It draws moisture away from the body and can hold up to 20% of its weight in water before it feels wet. As a bonus, hemp is quick drying and releases water quickly. This helps to eliminate odour-causing bacteria and that sweaty dog smell!

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Easy to Clean.

Don't be fooled by the naturally light colour of our products. Hemp sheds dirt and stains much easier than most materials, so your dog's gear won't be ruined if they decide to have a roll in the mud... in fact, we encourage mud rolling! 

Hemp thrives on being washed, shedding a microscopic layer each time, releasing stains and keeping the surface soft. You can wash our hemp products by hand or machine with earth-friendly, gentle detergents. Note - Harsh chemicals in standard laundry detergents can cause the natural fibres to break down.


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Less Water.

Hemp is an extremely tolerant crop that uses very little water to grow, up to 4 times less water than natural cotton. Better still, it's primarily grown in locations where rainfall alone is enough. Choosing hemp can save millions of litres of precious water per year; this is very important when considering the world scale of textile production and its impact on our planet.  

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Highly Renewable.

Hemp is a fast-growing, high-yield crop that grows up to 4 meters tall. Because it grows tall and thin, it can be planted in high density, giving larger crop yields while taking up less land. 250% more hemp can be produced than cotton using the same space. On top of that, it can be harvested in as little as 100 days and up to 3 times per year. Talk about renewable! 

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Chemical Free.

Hemp plants are naturally pest resistant and grow organically, thriving in situations where other crops struggle to survive. Hence the nickname 'weed'! Because the fast-growing crops are so tall and dense, they choke out weeds and deter pests. Growing hemp requires ZERO pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers, which saves our waterways and soil from toxic contamination. Industrial hemp plantations are also a haven for bees during certain times of the year, which is excellent news for our ecosystem!

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Soil Healing.

Hemp has the impressive ability to detox and heal our land, leaving soil more fertile than before it was planted. The roots reach deep into the ground, to retrieve water and nutrients while holding the soil together, preventing erosion and aerating it at the same time. For this reason, hemp makes an excellent rotation crop in sustainable farming. 

The soil healing powers of hemp don't stop there! Hemp also draws out and absorbs heavy metals and toxins from the ground without harming the plant; this is called phytoremediation. Did you know? In Ukraine, hemp was planted to clean up radioactive and nuclear contamination in Chornobyl! 

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Air Purifying.

Scientifically proven to be the highest CO2 absorber on our planet! For every 1 tonne of hemp grown, 1.63 tonnes of carbon is removed from our air and permanently trapped within the fibres. 

It's by far the most carbon-negative resource we have available. With the high CO2 absorption rate and soil detoxifying qualities, it's a no-brainer to use industrial hemp for biofuels. Once the cycle is complete, the trapped contaminants are removed from our environment and everything is left healthier. 

Grow hemp → absorb CO2 + contamination from soil → use the contaminated hemp as a green biofuel → green biofuel = renewable energy and replaces toxic fossil fuels → grow more hemp → absorb more CO2 + contamination from soil... you can imagine how easily we could clean up the planet with this 'weed'.

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Zero Waste.

Every single part of the hemp plant can be used; nothing goes to waste.  The seeds, roots, stems, leaves and flowers can all be used for everyday items. We would need a whole other article to explain how everything is made but to give you an idea of this plant's versatility, here are some examples of non-toxic and earth-friendly products made from hemp.

TEXTILES - fabric, rope and twine
STATIONARY - acid-free paper and ink
NUTRITION + HEALTH - oils, seeds, flour, milk and medicine
COSMETICS - soaps, shampoos and creams
PLASTICS - biodegradable hemp plastics
BUILDING MATERIALS - concrete, cement blocks, fibreboard and insulation
FUEL - biodiesel, ethanol and menthol

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Last but certainly not least, natural hemp fibre is 100% biodegradable and compostable. Pure hemp products return to the earth without leaving a trace - except for all of the benefits we gain from growing and using it!

Are you ready to make the switch?

Find out more about our hemp webbing and the different styles to choose from - Rustic, Durable or Super Soft.

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