Our Process

Gentle on Pets. Gentle on the Planet.

We are proudly sustainable from start to finish! This includes our materials, process, packaging and end-of-life recycling program. Our products are purposefully made from natural and sustainable materials that return to the earth. Our hardware can easily be recycled and melted down to create something new. We're 100% committed to taking only what we need and always giving back.



Our process starts with an idea and a design.
With years of experience, each new product is carefully thought out and designed with safety and practicality in mind. We ensure our products are inclusive of all dogs, from the super sized to the teeny tiny and will only bring to life something that you can trust in and that we can make from genuinely sustainable materials.



Next comes our high-quality, ethically sourced materials. Our carefully selected textiles are all-natural, sustainably grown, fair trade, hypoallergenic and biodegradable. Where possible, we strive to support local Australian suppliers and small businesses; this helps our economy, our communities and saves on unnecessary transport pollution. When needed, we reach out to like-minded international suppliers who match our strict values and ethics.  Learn more about our materials.



Our products are all designed and handmade in our solar-powered home workshop in NSW, where our small batch and made-to-order manufacturing process ensures little to no waste. Plus, we get to spend more time with our dog!  



All orders are minimally packaged (we don’t care for unnecessary fluff), but where needed, it’s 100% plastic-free, recycled, recyclable, reusable, compostable and earth-friendly. This includes the sticky stuff, our shipping labels and tape are compostable, so you don't need to remove them! We then ship your order using our trusted carbon-neutral shipping providers.

Step 5.

Giving Back

Next, we give back. We donate 5% of each sale to Animal Rescue and Environmental Organisations close to our heart because we believe in using business for good over profit and giving back where possible. You can learn more about the organisations we support on our giving back page.  

Step 6.

End of Life

All good things come to an end but it can still be a sustainable one! We've set up our Bohemi Worn Out Wears recycling program to help our customers dispose of their end-of-life products without leaving a trace. Together, we can feel good about the purchase from start to finish. 

sewing machine close up with silver buckle and ring. Needle going into thick hemp webbing

We Welcome

Custom Orders

Every dog is different, they come in all shapes and sizes with individual needs. We understand that dog owners often have a specific product, design or size in mind and would like it to be made by us using our natural hemp. We strive to provide long-lasting products that fit our customers needs, so we welcome custom orders and do our very best to bring your idea to life.