The Bohemi Story

Growing up, I've always had the privilege of sharing my home, my life and my heart with dogs and have had a strong connection to these marvellous creatures for as long as I can remember. Their loyalty, kindness and unconditional love are truly inspiring.

After spending many years travelling this great country, feeding a desire to be amongst nature and untouched lands, I uncovered a deep-rooted appreciation and connection to the land, its animals and the people. The desire to protect, preserve and nurture our environment has become a key component of who I am today and how we choose to run our business. 

In 2016 I lost my best mate of 14 years to liver disease. Obie was a Fox Terrier x Jack Russel and the most incredible little dog you could imagine. He enjoyed a good road trip, and the beach was his happy place. The question Dan and I kept asking was how could a dog that was well looked after, didn’t drink alcohol or eat bad food end up with this condition? The constant search for answers quickly lead me to further research on toxins in our environment, the chemicals in our homes from body products, cleaning products, food, furniture, paint etc. These environmental toxins play havoc on our (and our pet's) bodies and organs as they try to filter them out, not to mention the disastrous effects they have on the environment. This is where our low-tox, sustainable journey began! 

Trying to fill the huge hole that Obie had left, I went on to complete Cert II in Animal Studies through the RSPCA and continued to further my knowledge with qualifications in Animal Behaviour & Psychology and Natural Animal Health Care. It was around this time that Marlow (the Kelpie seen all over our website and socials) came into our life. Marlow was only nine months old and had been living in a shelter for five months through no fault of his own. This once very timid and scared boy had gone through 4 bouts of Kennel Cough and countless other stress-related immune illnesses in his very early start to life. We decided to take our newfound knowledge and give this little guy the best chance at life possible. Our mission was to boost his health and rectify some of his mental problems, which we have successfully done. We incorporate our non-toxic living practices into all aspects of his life. When looking for genuinely non-toxic and sustainable accessories for young Marlow, I struggled to find anything durable enough for this strong boy. With a great appreciation for natural fibres, particularly the superior strength of hemp, I started making his gear myself… and this is where Bohemi was born! 

Bohemi is a legacy to Obie and a promise to Marlow. It’s been a long journey to get to where we are today but we couldn't be prouder of our sustainable small business and our products that are helping keep pets healthy while looking after the environment at the same time.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our origin story!

Mandy x