About Us


'We are dedicated to creating reliable, natural pet accessories that benefit the health and wellbeing of our animals while bringing balance to our environment through circularity.' ~ Bohemi 

Gentle on Pets. Gentle on the Earth.

Great pet accessories must be both comfortable and durable. We tick both boxes!

Established in 2018, Bohemi started from a dream of a world where pets and their owners had access to truly natural accessories that could benefit their health and well-being while being good for the environment.
No greenwashing. No marketing bull. Just honest and reliable, hypoallergenic pet wear!

Mandy left her job and put everything into starting Bohemi, which is now leading the way in sustainable pet wear. Together with the support of her hubby Dan, they continue to pour their heart and soul into crafting and perfecting timeless, practical pet accessories that don't cost the earth.

We are proudly sustainable from start to finish! This includes our materials, process, packaging and end-of-life recycling program. Our products are purposefully made from natural and sustainable materials that return to the earth. Our hardware can be recycled and easily melted down to create something new. We're 100% committed to taking only what we need and always giving back.

Bohemi pet wear is made from high quality, ethically sourced, natural Hemp, Linen and Certified Organic Cotton. You can rest easy knowing every Bohemi product is eco-friendly, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, breathable, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and biodegradable. 

Our solar-powered home workshop in Sydney, NSW, is where all the magic happens. Each product is carefully designed and handmade by us using our small batch and made to order manufacturing process, ensuring we use only what we need and leave little to no waste. 

Knowing our customers and their pets are happy and healthy is why we love doing what we do here at Bohemi. Since starting in 2018, our trusted brand and high-quality hemp products have helped hundreds of dogs with neck/skin irritation and hair loss. Together with our band of eco pet owners, we've also saved thousands of plastic collars and leads from ending up in landfill or our waterways.

If you would like to know more about the inspiration behind Bohemi, check out Our Origin Story







Mandy is an avid dog lover with qualifications in Animal Behaviour & Psychology and Natural Animal Health Care. She has over 15 years of sewing experience. Her deep connection to nature and animals inspired her to start Bohemi and create sustainable pet wear.

Mandy is our product designer, maker, quality control, customer care, admin, order packer, shipping tracker, website designer, photographer and so on. 
(Yep, small business owners wear many hats!)


Dan is the supportive partner in crime. He runs a full-time concrete/landscape business but still manages to find time to help at Bohemi each week. He's a lover of dogs, the bush, country music and has an impressive Bonsai collection.

Dan is our design assistant, sales manager, quality control, maker, fixer and occasionally, we get him on the sewing machine.


Marlow is our rescue Kelpie x Greyhound, who had a challenging start in life. He's a beautiful soul who has come a very long way from the dog we rescued all those years ago. He loves camping, the beach, wide-open spaces and rainy lounge days.

Marlow is living the high life as our model, product tester, quality control officer and all-round barrel of laughs.