#WeGoBeyond - B Corp Month 2023 - Bohemi

#WeGoBeyond - B Corp Month 2023

B Corp Month 2023 - Bohemi Handcrafted

March means B Corp Month, and this year we’ll be showing you what it means to go beyond business as usual. As a Certified B Corp, we use our business as a force for good, putting people and the planet first. So get ready to find out why and how #WeGoBeyond

B Corp is more than just a mark, it's a movement of businesses determined to make a mark on the world!

Our climate is in crisis. Biodiversity is in freefall. Injustice is everywhere. It’s clear that business as usual isn’t working for people – or for the planet. We believe that business can and must evolve to be a force for good in the world.


Every day, we go beyond business as we know it to make sure that making a profit doesn't come at a cost to our workers, our community or the environment. At Bohemi, we strongly believe in a circular economy where everyone benefits equally and the planet is left thriving. 

Our business and products are sustainable from start to finish. From the materials we choose to use to our waste free manufacturing process, our entire supply chain is treated with respect and paid correctly for their hard work, we give back 5% to environmental and animal rescue organisations and our end of life recycling program ensures none of our pet accessories need to end up in landfill.


Our story began when Mandy realised that the world didn’t need yet another pet accessory brand.

Instead, what was needed was a new type of business. One that went above and beyond to balance making a profit with being a force for good for the planet and its people. One that proudly displayed its values and purpose not just to its clients and customers, but to the entire world.

For us, B Corp Certification has always been more than a mark. It’s a badge we wear proudly to remind us why and how #WeGoBeyond.

We Go Beyond - B Corp Month Bohemi Handcrafted


Greenwashing is the harmful practice of disguising dubious practices behind ‘marketing mirages’. B Corps go beyond greenwashing, offering full transparency and letting their actions do the talking.

Every business depends on a thriving environment. And Bohemi is no exception. We acknowledge that the planet is one of our key stakeholders. That’s why we consider the environmental impact of ALL our business decisions. For example, we only use truely sustainable materials to make our products. Our textiles are all 100% natural and biodegradable. We choose metal hardware over plastic as it lasts longer and can easily be melted down and resued. We know misleading claims about environmental action won’t solve the climate crisis. Ultimately, that’s why we decided to become a B Corp and offer full transparency so you know you can put your trust in us.


Buy. Use. Trash. Repeat. This is known as the ‘linear consumption model’, and it’s the root cause of so many of the environmental catastrophes we face. As a B Corp, we go beyond to do the hard but necessary work to challenge this harmful pattern. By creating our business model to benefit everyone, not just our pockets, we can create new, circular models that keep people and the planet thriving and our products out of landfill. 

B Corp Month 2023 - We Go Beyond


There’s only so much an individual business can do to push beyond the status quo. That’s why we’re proud to be part of a growing global movement that’s challenging old ideas every day. And, if you’re reading this, you can be part of this movement too. By buying from, working at, or supporting B Corp certified businesses, you’re contributing to changing the world, one business at a time.

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