PTSD Dogs Australia

'You never walk alone when you have a trained PTSD Assistance Dog by your side. Gentle, intuitive, intelligent and full of unconditional love. They can provide a sense of calm amidst turmoil, safety amid confusion and comfort in sadness.' - PTSD Dogs Australia

PTSD Dog’s Australia is a Not For Profit Charity solely dedicated to the rescuing, re-homing and training of suitable displaced and unwanted dogs to support and assist Australia’s First Responders (Fire, Police Ambulance) and the Australian Defence Force (A.D.F) Air Force, Army and Navy suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) both current and retired.

As a national organisation PTSD Dog’s Australia also provides an education program to inform and promote greater awareness around PTSD certified Assistance Dog’s to the greater community in both relevant private and public organisations.

PTSD Dog’s Australia also provides personalised / group training and Assistance Dog Certification for people who already own a dog considered appropriate as a PTSD Certified Assistance Dog.

Assistance dogs are more than pets, they're faithful companions that greatly impact their owner's lives. Specifically, PTSD Dogs Australia trains dogs to support Veterans and First Responders with PTSD.

PTSD, a debilitating condition that befalls many people who have endured traumatic events and can severely impact lives. It’s a well-documented fact that dogs exert a calming influence on humans, significantly mitigating symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress.

These incredible rescue dogs provide both emotional support and a renewed sense of purpose. With a trained rescue dog aiding individuals with PTSD, Veterans and First Responders can find peace and comfort they may not have found otherwise.


We donate $5 from every Anzac or Remembrance Bandana purchase to PTSD Dogs Australia. Personal contributions can also be made through their donation page.

If you're interested in becoming a volunteer, trainer, foster educator, fundraiser host or if you would like to apply for an assistance dog you can find more information on their website

"We believe that every rescue dog can save a human and equally every human can save a rescue dog." - PTSD Dogs Australia

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