Size Guide


Our adjustable collars come in 5 different sizes, wether you have a growing puppy or an extra large adult dog, we've got a collar for you. Getting your dogs neck measurement is easy, if they currently wear a well fitted collar you can just measure that one by laying it flat & using a tape measure. Another way is to take a piece of string and gently wrap around your dogs neck where the collar would sit. Now take the string, lay it flat & measure the length. Now you have your dogs neck measurements it's time to find out which size they come under. As always make sure you can fit 2 fingers in between the dogs neck and the collar.


X SMALL: 20-25cm (19mm webbing)

SMALL: 25-35cm (19mm webbing)

MEDIUM: 30-45cm (26mm webbing)

LARGE: 40-55cm (26mm webbing)

X LARGE: 50-65cm (26mm webbing)


Our clip leads come in 3 different lengths & 2 different widths. It really just comes down to personal preference & how your dog behaves on the lead. A great all rounder is the regular 150cm long lead. 


SHORT: 120cm

REGULAR: 150cm

LONG: 180cm

REGULAR: 26mm wide (the standard width for most dog leads)

PETITE: 19mm wide(a slightly lighter option for smaller dogs)


We've designed our bandanas to fit fur babies big & small, but if you need something much larger please feel free to get in touch!
Our different bandana styles explained - The Tie Up style is designed to be tied loosely around your dogs neck OR the Collar Fed style is designed to feed any collar up to 25mm thick through the bandana. For dogs that don't particularly like anything around their neck we recommend the collar fed as it's less noticeable for the dog & feels more like a collar. However like all non essential accessories if your pooch doesn't like wearing it please don't force them. 

If your dog's neck measurement is close to the max for that size, we recommend sizing up.
You can always add an extra roll to shorten the length but it needs to be able to tie around the neck loosely. 

SMALL: 20cm to 35cm neck size - (if you wear our XS or S collar this is you)

MEDIUM: 30cm - 50cm neck size - (if you wear our M or L collar this is you)

LARGE: 40cm to 65cm neck size - (if you wear our L or XL collar this is you)

The measurements below are the size of the bandana at the top. We recommend you measure your dog's neck or collar to work out the best fit. TIP - These bandanas look best when they cover around 70% - 90% of the collar.     

XS - 19cm wide 

S - 24cm wide

M - 34cm wide

L - 46cm wide


Our harnesses are all fully adjustable at 3 points. The neck, the chest & the under chest. They have been designed to fit all shapes and sizes, please see our size guide below on how to measure your dog. If the measurements are on the boarder of 2 sizes, we recommend sizing up. 

The first time you use your new harness, it will need to be adjusted correctly to fit your dogs unique size. The adjustable sliders make this super easy & once you have the right fit you will only ever need to do a quick check each time you use it & make minor adjustments to ensure the fit is still snug.

SMALL: (19mm webbing)

MEDIUM: (26mm webbing)

LARGE: (26mm webbing)

EXTRA LARGE: (26mm webbing)



If you're having trouble picking the right size for any of our products, please get in touch, we're happy to help! Contact Us