Durable Hemp Dog Collar ~ Gold - Bohemi
Durable Hemp Dog Collar ~ Gold - Bohemi
Durable Hemp Dog Collar ~ Gold - Bohemi
Durable Hemp Dog Collar ~ Gold - Bohemi
Durable Hemp Dog Collar ~ Gold - Bohemi

Durable Hemp Dog Collar ~ Gold

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The perfect natural collar for everyday wear!

Our DURABLE hemp webbing is lightweight and pliable with an ultra tight weave that makes it hard-wearing and capable of withstanding all kinds of adventure while still providing everyday comfort. 

Handmade with ethically sourced, organic hemp. Our collars are hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, providing relief and healing to sensitive or irritated skin.

Winner in the 2022 Clean + Conscious Awards!

~ Durable Hemp Webbing

~ Nickel Free Hardware

~ Adjustable Length

~ Lightweight & Pliable

~ Natural & Hypoallergenic

~ Anti Bacterial & Anti Fungal   

~ Double Stitched for Strength

~ Biodegradable Textiles

~ Vegan Friendly 

~ Australian Made

X Small
| 20-25cm (19mm wide)

Small | 25-35cm (19mm wide)

Medium | 30-45cm (26mm wide)

Large | 40-55cm (26mm wide)

X Large | 50-65cm (26mm wide)

Please refer to our Size Guide for instructions on how to measure your dog's neck size.

~ Ethically Sourced, 100% Organic Hemp Webbing

~ High Quality, Nickel Free, Zinc Alloy Hardware

~ Vegan Cork Leather Label

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Our Materials

Don't be fooled by the naturally light colour of our products. Hemp is naturally stain resistant and sheds dirt much easier than most textiles!

Hand Wash
In cold water with gentle, natural soap and leave to dry in the sun.

Machine Wash
On a cold, delicate setting with gentle, natural detergent and hang to dry. We recommend using our washing bag or wrapping it in a towel to avoid damage to the hardware and your machine.

Saltwater & Mud
Our zinc alloy hardware is high quality and resistant to corrosion but isn't immune to it. A quick rinse with fresh water after contact with salt water or mud ensures a longer life span of your collar.

IMPORTANT - Use only gentle detergents and no softener. Standard detergents contain harsh chemicals that can damage the natural fibres causing them to break down. Our favourites are Koala Eco, Kin Kin and Dr Bronner's

Hemp fibre has an extremely high tensile strength and one of the highest breaking strains you will find, and that's why it's our choice for the safety of your pets!

It's durable, long-lasting, hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, moisture wicking and odour resistant.

It's also one of the most sustainable resources available. From the soil healing properties and air purifying ability to the high yield crops and the multitude of everyday items that can be made using it.

Our ethically sourced hemp is grown organically with no pesticides or herbicides and very little water. It's a great all-natural alternative to synthetic webbing. Learn more


We carefully select our Hemp from ethical farms & suppliers who ensure fair working conditions, fair wages & the highest environmental standards. There are ZERO chemicals used to grow, mill or process our small batch hemp webbing.

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1 square meter of Daintree Rainforest is saved with every collar or lead purchased.

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Our textiles are 100% biodegradable! If the time comes when your Bohemi wears can no longer be worn, mended or donated, they can be composted to return to the earth without a trace!